19 Days in Vienna - behind the scenes of the Iran Talks

After 13 years of negotiations, world powers reached an agreement on limiting Iranian nuclear activity in return for the lifting of international sanctions.


  1. An indicative deadline for the Iran-talks was agreed upon in Lausanne: June 30, 2015. Thus, once it was decided that the talks would continue in Vienna, press facilities were set up by MFA Austria on June 26 in order to welcome the international media covering the Iran negotiations.
  2. June 30 came and went - and a new deadline was set for July 7.
  3. To make the endless hours of waiting and the sweltering Vienna summer temperatures somewhat more bearable, the MFA decided to surprise the journalists with some ice cream: cultivating friendships :)!
  4. Another week went by and still no result, although some progress has been made. In order to give the journalists a well deserved change of pace, FM Sebastian Kurz decided to invite them to a Sunday brunch at the MFA!
  5. On Sunday evening, Secretay of State John Kerry tweeted about ´genuine progress´ during the talks. Could the deal be sealed within the new deadline of July 7?
  6. Well....maybe not. HR Federica Mogherini announced on July 7 that this deadline had to be extended yet again due to some open questions.
  7. Waiting, waiting, waiting....but still in good spirits!