Southern Middle During Sept. 28-Oct. 02

Lots of exciting events and activities went on during the week. This story will tell you about just a few of them. Brought to you by SMS Tweeters!


  1. Mrs. Arrington's social studies classes invited several of us to watch their presentations on exploration and expansion. This was a culminating activity that included grapics, facts, and videos on the choosen topics. Students did a great job and were so excited to have Mr. Chesney, Mrs. Blue, and Ms. Bennett visit.
  2. Thank you Mrs. Flannery for visiting the 8th grade band class. We can't wait to hear you guys at the upcoming concert.
  3. SMS staff love supporting their athletic teams....Go DRAGONS!!
  4. Amazing football team!!
  5. Mr. Williams' social studies class is always engaged in a variety of activities. Not sure what I would take with me on a 1500s explorer ship. What would you take?
  6. What more can we say....Kahoot is an engaging tool for formative assessment.
  7. Anchor Charts as a visual tool for teachers and students.
  8. Jeopardy is still a fun way to assess learning.
  9. Show Me was always my go to formative assessment. Thank you Mrs. Yeager.
  10. Thank you Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Oldham, and Mrs. Gray for supporting SMS math teachers.
  11. Students can enjoy learning about root words.