OK May Snow: For a Change

Oklahoma weather this May has changed from spring to winter and back again.

  1. Warm weather, not a blanket of snow, is normal for Oklahoma in May. This year, however, the state had surprisingly near-freezing temperatures and snowfall in the panhandle on May 2.

  2. Oklahomans are used to wild weather, and wild weather changes, but winter weather in May seemed surprising to even the most weathered Oklahomans.
  3. We literally just had 2 seasons of weather in about 10 minutes #oklahoma
  5. It's a beautiful sunny but cold winter day here in Oklahoma.....oh wait it's MAY!!
  6. I have lived in OKLAHOMA all of my life and I don't ever remember SNOW in MAY!!! So what's the Deal?
  7. As noted by KOCO.com, "Oklahoma is typically known for warm weather and tornadoes in May but this year has been very different". During the first week of May 2013 the average monthly temperature in Oklahoma Citywas 54.4 degrees, which is roughly 12 degrees below average. 

  8. And while the recent winter weather mix-up was surprising even to Oklahomans, residents took it in characteristically good stride. 
  9. 85 yesterday 45 today..gotta love Oklahoma
  10. Ice pellets? Snow flurries? In May? I LOVE OKLAHOMA!!!!!!
  11. Snow in Oklahoma in May? Lol. Cool!
  12. In the early-morning hours of May 2, 2013, a powerful cold front dropped temperatures more than 50 degrees in some areas of Oklahoma.  

    Moisture moved in behind the cold front and changed rain over to snow primarily in the Oklahoma panhandle.  

    While one inch of snow was recorded in northeast Beaver County,  half an inch of accumulation was also reported as far south and east as Arnett, Okla.  

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  13. On April 30th Beaver, Okla, saw a high temperature of 95 degrees, but just 24 hours later the temperature had fallen into the lower 40s.
  14. My wife really loves gardening. I may have to increase her meds. .5" snow early - most May slush @MSP since 1991. pic.twitter.com/gfG8xv7EuJ
    My wife really loves gardening. I may have to increase her meds. .5" snow early - most May slush @MSP since 1991. pic.twitter.com/gfG8xv7EuJ7EuJ
  15. Parts of Oklahoma saw up to 2 inches of a wintry mix on May 2, 2013, although most places where snow fell reported only a trace.

  16. The National Weather Service office in Tulsa reports a trace of snow fell today, making May 2, 2013, the date of the latest snowfall ever recorded in Tulsa.  http://www.newson6.com/story/22146143/snow-falls-in-tulsa-shattering-60-year-old-record 
  17. “Crazy weather, crazy weather,” said one resident of  Colcord. The "extra dose of winter" following a week of temps in the 80s certainly gave people something to talk about. 
  18. Even Oklahoma meteorologists were surprised by the record snow and record cold for this time of year. Not surprisingly, the temperatures did not take long to return to near-normal in Oklahoma, with only patchy frost.
  19. Friday night forecast: Still chilly in Oklahoma
  20. It's not unusual for Oklahoma to receive snow during winter. Still, frigid weather and snow were a shock to the system after an April stretch of 70s, 80s and even 90s.
  21. Oklahoma city snow time lapse
  22. According to KOCO.com in Oklahoma City, the light snow which fell and coated the ground in parts of Oklahoma May 2, 2013 is the latest spring snow since one inch fell in Boise City, Okla. on  May 2, 2005.  

    The latest date on which snow has ever been recorded in the state of Oklahoma was May 21, 1931 in Kenton, Okla, where 0.7 inches of snow fell.

  23. Snow in OK in May?? Well it wins over a tornado. Agree?