On Charleston, Forgiveness and Black Pain

  1. 3 days ago, those 9 people went to church to study God's word. They made it out on stretchers. Yesterday, their families told the murderer they forgive him. That grace under fire is something I DO NOT have. Family of people gunned down by police calling for peace. Family of 9 followers of Christ gunned down in their sanctuary gifting him with forgiveness. That is showing incredible character I do not have.
  2. Someone's mom, uncle, son, nephew, grandmother was shot up in church. Three days later, they're standing up in court preaching forgiveness. Black people are emotional superheroes, man. But also, this whole "be strong" thing is killing us softly.
  3. Let us be in the fetal position sometimes. Let us cry to the heavens. Let us not have to care about others' feelings so we can take care of ourselves. Let us not have to preach mercy and peace-keeping in the middle of evil inflicted upon us.
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