Byron Pitts Visits Elon

Byron Pitts, CBS News Correspondent, visited Elon University on Thursday to share some stories of his own journalism career.


  1. CBS News Correspondent Byron Pitts Speaks at Elon University
  2. Pitts started off his speech by gaining the affection of his audience by saying that Elon's Communication School was the best in the country.  He said that when he directs high school students to colleges and they ask about Syracuse, Carolina, Missouri he says "no. Elon."
  3. After speaking for about 30 minutes, Pitts changed course and opened up the floor for questions from the audience and many students engaged with him and the speech turned into more of a conversation.
  4. He also infused a lot of humor into his speech as Natalie Dupuis found out when she asked what lied ahead after graduation in the journalism career.  Pitts responded, "Heartache, disappointment."  Of course, he was kidding.
  5. I ran into Rich Landesberg before Pitts took the stage and he was telling me that he's seen him speak before and every time he doesn't use notes.  It truly became amazing to see as he spoke so eloquently and professionally while maintaining eye contact with the audience.  Perhaps that is why the speech felt more like a conversation than an actual speech.
  6. He gave chilling revelations about his career.  He covered 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and saw the "worst of us, but also the best of us."  This is a sobering reminder that journalism is not only about covering elections or celebrity gossip, but real hard news.
  7. After talking for over an hour, Pitts gave out his email address and personal cell phone number to all the students in attendance.  He said that it was important to "pay it forward" to the next generation of aspiring journalists.  He only asked that when we make it as professionals we do the same to the next generation.
  8. The #com450 class all live tweeted the event, using the hashtag #pittsatelon and were able to get it trending in the Greensboro area.  A pretty cool feat considering that there was a Carolina Panthers game on at the same time.
  9. Finally, here is a way to connect with Byron Pitts via social media.  His speech was very encouraging as an aspiring journalism student.