Thanks a $40 million

After a $40 million donation from Michael R. Quinlan, double alumnus of Loyola University Chicago and former chairman and CEO of McDonald's, Loyola's School of Business Administration and its affiliated Graduate School of Business were renamed the Michael R. Quinlan School of Business.


  1. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., president and CEO of Loyola, made the announcement at the University's annual Founders' Dinner, where donors, faculty, staff, students, and alumni celebrate those who work to build our community. It's safe to say that the Quinlan announcement stole the show.
  2. Shortly after the event, the Chicago Tribune broke the story, and Twitter was all aflutter with #Q ...
  3. So excited for Loyola. So deserved! Congrats @LoyolaSBA
    So excited for Loyola. So deserved! Congrats @LoyolaSBA
  4. ... which excited many:
  5. The school wasted no time in getting new signage up around Maguire Hall.
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  7. So who is Mike Quinlan?
  8. Introducing the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola
  9. His life exemplifies the hardworking Jesuit ideal.