Favorite Tweets, March 23, 2012

  1. I started following Jana this week and have welcomed her Tweets. Besides, who can resist a blog named Daily Money Shot? Watch your eyes!
  2. The following tweet came from Carrie Smith (@applecsmith) at Careful Cents:
  3. Relationships need balance - and money is only one element of a friendship #greengirlfriends
  4. And here some other 140 character words of wisdom.
  5. Blogged-- Fighting about money: In our almost two years of marriage, the biggest fights Eric…  http://goo.gl/fb/lPWPy Py
  6. In banking terms, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon just told Ben Bernanke to go f*** himself  http://bit.ly/ABRzeN 
  7. @BudgetsAreSexy I think a big myth about frugality is that frugal people don't spend much- often we are frugal so that we can spend!