Digital Day of Ideas 2015

The fourth Digital Day of Ideas, a day symposium at the University of Edinburgh showcasing recent work in digital scholarship. #edDDI


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  2. Ben Schmidt

    , Northeastern University - Humanities Data Analysis

  3. Analysis of data, particularly texts as data, has been central to the research project of the Digital Humanities (and, before that, of Humanities Computing). As increasing numbers of sources become digital themselves, the need for humanists to perform some sort of data analysis is increasingly clear. But the idea of Humanities Data Analysis raises significant methodological and social challenges. Does enumeration cut against humanistic values? Do the application of tools from other fields diminish the critical import of claims we can make? Do we need to become interdisciplinary to survive? Taking lessons from statistics, journalism, and the 19th-century progenitors of modern data visualization, this talk will describe emerging practices in the field of a specifically humanistic data analysis more robust in its response to error, distinct from the analysis of data performed in science and industry, that brings humanistic practices to data rather than just scientific practices to the humanities.