London Circular Jam 2014

A weekend of learning, sharing, making new friends and most importantly doing! Prototyping circular ideas for sustainability as part of the Global Sustainability Jam (21st to 23rd of Nov).


  1. After months of preparation the kick-off draws closer, as the tickets sell out and the music begins!

  2. Friday the 21st

  3. The Global Sustainability Jam starts in cities around the world. It's exciting to feel part of something bigger, united with others around the world coming together to think and work on sustainable solutions.
  4. The London Circular Jam team were extremely lucky to be joined by a number of expert mentors with a variety of expertises to help coach the jammers through the weekend.
  5. Alongside this we had brilliant support to help make the jam happen from our sponsors, providing tools and sustenance!
  6. As the jammers and mentors arrived at the new London Fab Lab, the first task for everyone to get into the creative spirit was making your own name badge using a selection of recycled card, a homemade cardboard stamp and a choice to hang or pin it!
  7. After initial introduction to the team and mentors, an overview of one of the tools we'd be using over the weekend , The Horizons tool from Design SIG (also in our blog) and a circular economy case study from Kyocera. It was then time to get to know each other and get into teams.
  8. Then the secret theme was revealed - as obscure and head scratching as usual........