ICYMI: Louis C.K.'s Common Core Twitter rant

Louis C.K. is a comic, a writer and an actor, but he's also a dad with kids in public school. So Common Core is as real for him as any parent. And he doesn't sound much happier about it than many commenters at lohud.com. What do you make of what he said on the topic to his 3.3 million followers?


  1. We know we've read this one before from lohud parents.
  2. Anyone care to take a stab at these questions?
  3. We've got nothing here? 
  4. Again, a comment sentiment here. Kids want to learn, teachers aren't the problem, etc.
  5. So, what's your take? Is he right to vent like this? Is he on-target or off-base? Will it make a difference?