Third Stakeholder Workshop

On 11-12 June 2014, the third and final LiveWell for LIFE stakeholder workshop 'Facilitating the adoption of #SustainableDiets in EU' took place in Brussels. Here we tell you what happened following #LWevents14


  1. Members of the Network of European of food stakeholders gathered to discuss the economic impact of adopting sustainable diets by 2020, as well as the implementation pathways and public policy options identified to facilitate the adoption of sustainable diets in the EU and in the LiveWell pilot countries – France, Spain and Sweden.
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  3. In the run-up to this 2-days workshop we explored LiveWell progress so far…
  4. From determining the viability of the LiveWell Plate - a tool to define country specific sustainable diets - to the identification of the key social and economic opportunities and barriers for adopting sustainable diets across Europe. 

  5. Going forward, stakeholders – with the support of LiveWell for LIFE – used all these findings to build a foundation for change and develop EU public policy options and pathways for practical implementation of sustainable diets.
  6. Over 50 people were present in Brussels on June 11-12. Participants included senior EU officials, government representatives, consumer and health organisations, food retailers, producers and processors, academics and NGOs.

  7. Many of them helped us spread the word  before the event began.
  8. Day one of the workshop...

  9.                                                        Introduction & Top Measures

  10. On June 11 we kicked off the day with some inspirational presentations to recap the project's progress and to refresh everybody's mind on the EU agenda on sustainable diets. Let's discover what happened:
  11. Jane Wallace Jones, LiveWell for LIFE project manager, officially opened the day and passed the baton to Niamh Carey & Lucy Young, the facilitators of the event who guided us through this 2 days #SustainableConsumption voyage.
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  13. Tony Long, director of WWF European policy office, had the pleasure to introduce each speaker with a warm welcome.