Affordable Golf Course Bridges: Adding Beauty & Functionality

Golf course bridges add an undeniable sense of beauty and style while providing the functionality required to make a course playable.


  1. When I think of a golf course, I visualize a manicured nature, where natural beauty sets the tone while man made architecture adds refinement and facilitates usefulness. Without golf course bridges and cart paths, remaining on course and on time would become more difficult.
  2. It would be easy to quickly slap down some pavement and erect a few random bridges where a natural obstacle needs to be surpassed, but this has the potential to damage the flow and playability of any course. Special precaution and thought must go into the design and placement of paths and bridges, so as not to encumber the courses playability or the players enjoyment. The most challenging issue when choosing how to layout a courses thoroughfares is finding the balance between aesthetics and reducing wear on the course.
  3. Generally, there are two main types of golf course bridges found at most clubs. These are bridges used by walkers only and bridges used by walkers, carts and service vehicles. Bridge design can vary, from flat bridges to arched bridges, enclosed bridges and more but a few things always remain constant. Bridges should always be built to facilitate golfer movement through the course even when a natural obstacle (waterways, valleys or land that is environmentally sensitive) is in the way, and they need to look good at the same time. Let's not forget, any construction also needs to be in line with all local construction codes. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when a golf courses budget is added to the equation.
  4. Typically, bridges on golf courses are constructed using concrete or wood, however new materials have recently been put to use more frequently. Bridges can be constructed out of FRP products, carbon materials and also aluminum or other metals. The building budget usually plays a large role in determining the material that is used in construction, while building codes help determine structural properties and load design. The "flow" of the golf course will determine the style of architecture suited to the project. A functional golf course bridge must be properly positioned, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. The walking surface must prevent slips and falls while bridges that act as main thoroughfares need to be solid enough to handle carts and course maintenance vehicles.
  5. Once a bridge has been built and installed comes the art of maintenance. Nothing causes your investment to lose value like neglect. A groundskeeper keeps a checklist of bridge maintenance chores to be periodically addressed:
  6. -inspection for material deterioration (cracks, loose nuts & bolts, sagging structure etc.)
    -erosion of bridge foundations or placement area
    -removal of debris (rocks, gravel, sand, mud etc.)
    -ensure surface material conditions are adequate
    -guardrails, curbs or other safety devices are in good repair
    -proper signage to direct golfers is in place
  7. Golf course bridge building options
  8. A porperly designed and built bridge is a great investment for any golf course. Choosing the right bridge for the right price can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. That's where we come in. At Links Bridges we understand our customers needs and wants to a tee. All our golf course bridge projects are focused on providing beautiful, functional bridges that are durable and affordable so owners dont need to worry about making the wrong choice. LinksBridges will be a part of any bridge project from beginning to end, helping to plan and design, as well as build, install and maintain. Clients have the choice of creating a custom design with our team or choosing a prefabricated model that can be easily installed on their property. Prefabricated bridges are often the more budget conscious choice and with our many styles or desings to choose from, often the most stylish as well. For a custom project, our team of designers and architects will survey the installation location and make recommendations and sample designs for the client to look over. Once a design has been chosen, our team goes to work building the bridge to specifications at one of our construction locations, before installing the almost completed bridge at the clients location.
  9. Links Bridges offers creative designs coupled with state-of-the-art production methods to produce golf course bridges our clients and their members will fall in love with. I should mention that all out materials are eco friendly and our customer service is second to none. We also offer an industry leading warranty to all our North American customers. Our company serves clients in the USA and Canada from our many service centers located around both countries. If a new golf course bridge is in your golf clubs future, look no further than Links Bridges and prepare to be amazed.
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