LSA Annual Meeting 2016

This January, 1000+ linguistics scholars from across the US and around the world flocked to Washington, DC for the LSA's 90th Annual Meeting. The 3 days were packed with over 300 papers and 150 posters, countless cups of coffee, and tons of #lingchats. Scroll down for a snapshot of #LSA2016:


  1. All The Linguists were very excited for the start of the meeting...
  2. ... because they saw all the exciting research featured in the Media Advisory, probably.
  3. One by one (or by the carload), linguists started rolling into town.
  4. Registering for the meeting was a breeze, thanks to all our amazing volunteers who helped make #LSA2016 a success!
  5. Behold, linguists.
  6. There were over 150 fantastic research posters presented at the meeting. Here are just a few:
  7. Between sessions and talks, folks explored the Exhibit Hall, browsing row after row of exhibits and books - or trying their luck at the prize wheel.