Serious Journalists React to Caleb Hannan's Awesome Long Read on Golf Clubs

It's "bananas", says white men.

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  1. Compiling a simple gallery of mainstream journalists cluelessly praising Caleb Hannan's terrible, transphobic story wherein he outed a trans woman and didn't seem too guilty about it when she killed herself.
    Not including examples from right-wing outlets or Grantland itself, because time is finite.

    Many of these people have accepted criticism and/or retracted their statements. But the ethical violations of Hannan's story should be apparent on first read. (Read the follow-up and find out which of these people came to their senses.)
  2. David Carr, of Media Equation, Decoder, New York Times
  3. Michael Traikos, of the National Post
  4. Don Van Natta Jr, of ESPN the Magazine
  5. Bruce Arthur, of the National Post
  6. Dane Tidwell, publisher of the Chicago Phoenix
    (It's been pointed out to me that Tidwell is only the publisher and not responsible for editorial content, and vice versa. Will follow up.)
  7. Jason Fagone, of Wired
  8. Richard Deitsch, of Sports Illustrated and Columbia Journalism
    Liked it so much he reposted it!
  9. Chris Jones of Esquire, ESPN the Magazine
  10. Sarah Weinman, of Publisher's Lunch and National Post Books
  11. Chris Smith, of Forbes
  12. F. Roberts of the New Orleans Advocate