Athens classic Weaver D's may close

BY LINDSEY COOK, Weaver D's Delicious Fine Foods has been serving good, southern cooking in Athens for 26 years. Owner Dexter Weaver said if business doesn't improve, he'll need to close the restaurant within the month.


  1. Weaver posted on his personal Facebook page Monday calling for support. 
  2. The Red & Black followed with a story on Weaver D's money problems."[The gas company] came last week to shut the gas off, and I had to plead with them to give me an extension,” Weaver said.
  3. News of the beloved Athens staple's potential closing spread on Facebook and Twitter. Students, alumni and Athens residents praised the fried chicken and sweet potato casserole. 
  4. I wanna do something!!! * thinking up ideas* to close would be a travesty, no way c'mon guys gotta be something we can do, for Dexter and his family- love from Ireland xx
  5. I came from Statham today for our dinner the best fried chicken in the world . Since nobody in my family cooks fried chicken any more we can't let this go away. Come on people get in there IT'S AUTOMATIC !!!!!
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  7. Fans of Weaver D's encouraged followers to buy some soul food and help the business bring in needed revenue. 
  8. Oh no, the best of luck to you and your staff. Will be praying for a blessing for Weaver D's.
  9. Hi! We love eating at Weaver D's!!! Thanks for giving everybody a heads up, but PLEASE don't close!!! God bless! :)
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  11. After the announcement, Weaver D's braced for a rush of support from the Classic City community.
  12. Several events on Facebook cropped up to spread the news. One event, which had 117 attendees at the time of publication, is hosting a group lunch at Weaver D's on Friday.
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  14. Athens band R.E.M. used Weaver D's slogan, "automatic for the people" as the title of its 1992 album. Several people suggested R.E.M. return to Athens to support the business that loaned the name of "Automatic For The People." 
  15. how about an REM concert to raise money for your business?
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