Roger Helmer MEP Denies Asbestos Facts to Mesothelioma Patients

It’s difficult to believe, but in a conversation with mesothelioma patients, Roger Helmer, a member of the European Parliament, denied scientific evidence that chrysotile asbestos is a human carcinogen. ~ Linda Reinstein


  1. “All forms of asbestos are carcinogenic to humans…” – the World Health Organization (WHO), July 2010


    Should we rely on WHO for the protection of our loved ones or the Honorable Roger Helmer MEP? Using the unscientific, unproven “Anything But Chrysotile” defense, Helmer says that white asbestos (chrysotile) poses no measurable health risk. For decades, the asbestos industry has used this unfounded defense, soon to be featured in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s mini-series Devil’s Dust, to avoid responsibility for exposure to deadly asbestos in the workplace. What do you think of Helmer’s comments to Meso Warriors Debbie Brewer and Mavis Nye? Join the global discussion. We are hearing outrage from all of our ADAO community – medical professionals, patients, families – we want to hear from you too. ~ Linda Reinstein, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Co-Founder 

  2. Roger Helmer MEP

  3. Roger Helmer MEP's E-mail to Debbie Brewer

  4. Dear Debbie,

    "Thank you for writing to me, and I am very sorry indeed to hear about your disease. But the fact that you suffer from this disease is not evidence that it was caused by white asbestos. There is clear government research showing that white asbestos (as distinct from blue/brown asbestos) poses no measurable health risk.

    I wish you well in your search for a cure, but I don't think that campaigning against white asbestos will help."

    Roger Helmer MEP   

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  6. Mavis and Debbie, the Recipients of Helmer's E-mail

  7.                                                                     Mavis

  8. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Interview with Mavis Nye (November 2012)
  9. This is what started us fighting --White is just as dangerous --this has been proved no so the man isnt keeping up todate with facts
  10.                                                                     Debbie

  11. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Interview with Debbie Brewer (November 2012)
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  13. Global Conversation about Helmer's Message

  14. I would send him a lovely wrapped box for Christmas - you know - full of asbestos ;-)
  15. Dear Mr. Helmer, Enclosed is a package of asbestos dust, If this is so harmless, have a snort. Have two, on me. When your loved ones watch you suffer a horrendous death someday, I will be keeping me in your prayers, NOT; as you are an ignorant MF. In America that starts with mother, and I hope your own mother realized she gave birth to an inconsiderate, rude, despicable, ignorant son. Sincerely, Debra Farnsworth, wife of a fake asbestos death widow, It was really all that healthy food and exercise that gave him mesothelioma.
  16. I tweeted at him in hopes of getting a conversation going but he doesn't seem like the type to use a social network to be social :)
  17. I dont think you would like to know what I want to say. May God forgive them!!
  18. A belief is something that is formed from what you hear over and Mr. Helmer...this is a FACT..."there is no safe exposure to asbestos", "there is no safe exposure to asbestos"....repeat after me...and so many others who fight to live...and those of us who after much suffering have lost loved ones...
  19. They love to tell me that mine, while unfortunate, is common in women in their reproductive years and not attributed to asbestos. The fact that I was exposed from birth to age 6 is just besides the point... pfftttt
  20. He can go work a week in it - then spend the rest of his life wondering --when --if !!!!!!!!