Global Outrage about the NSW Court of Appeals' Decision to Reduce Penalties for Former James Hardie Directors

Monday, November 12, 2012

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  1. Today, the New South Wales Court of Appeals issued a decision to reduce penalties imposed on the former directors of asbestos manufacturer James Hardie.  Ironically, this judgment was issued on the concluding day of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) TV miniseries, "Devil’s Dust," inspired by Matt Peacock’s book “Killer Company."  

    The global outrage and digital conversation began minutes after the news hit the wire.  View the news articles, videos, and tweets that tell the story of pain, disgust, grief, and outrage. Bernie, we will keep your fight for justice alive. 

    ~ Linda Reinstein, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Co-Founder and Mesothelioma Widow 

  2. Karen Banton, wife of the late Bernie Banton who died in 2007 of mesothelioma, expressed her disappointment about the New South Wales Court of Appeal decision to reduce penalties imposed on asbestos maker James Hardie Directors.
  3. James Hardie win disappoints asbestos campaigners
  4. ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Devil's Dust Trailer

  5. Devil's Dust | 11 & 12 November at 8.30pm, ABC1
  6. May 2012: The High Court holds that seven directors of the James Hardie Industries breached their duties by approving the company’s release of a misleading statement to the stock exchange that the MRCF was "fully funded". SOURCE:  TIMELINE – OF BERNIE BANTON AND JAMES HARDIE

  7. November 2012: The New South Wales Court of Appeals issued a decision to reduce penalties imposed on asbestos maker James Hardie Directors.
  8. Petition To: Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard: “Asbestos Kills! James Hardie Directors Slap on the Wrist Token Sentence!” by Lou Williams, Mesothelioma Patient 

  9. Having just watched Devil's Dust I have to say I am gobsmacked by this decision. Gut wrenching television, close to home as a good mate's old man died from mesothelioma. Frankly I would not urinate on Meredith Hellicar and the other Hardie ...directors if they were on fire. They should have been incarcerated for their actions. Asbestos related diseases have killed more Australians than died in World War 1. @Karen Elizabeth Banton and " class="">Linda Reinstein my heart goes out to you both. Keep fighting the good fight, you like Bernie are heroes for the work that you are doing on behalf of asbestos victims. For James Hardie and its directors I feel nothing but contempt and disgust. See More