Reasons for a Toothache

For some people, they might not have an appointment with their Roseburg Oregon dentist right away, but they might start feeling some tooth pain. If that’s the case, it’s important to make sure that any of these factors that are there are rectified.


  1. This article will go over the top ways many different people can suffer from problems related to tooth pain, and some of the remedies that can help.
  2. The first is your braces or retainers are hurting. This is one of the more common issues that cause aching pain in the teeth. It’s very noticeable once you get adjustments that tighten and move the teeth, and you might feel this after your appointment. Typically, this goes away after a few days, but if it’s super uncomfortable, tell the orthodontist, so that they can give you an appliance that doesn’t affect your daily life.
  3. There is also the issue of misaligned teeth and an impacted wisdom tooth. If either of these situations happens, it can press against other teeth, which will push them out of there causing more aches and pains. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that haven’t broken through the gum line, and this can be super painful, since they sometimes push other teeth below the gum line. If you do suffer from this, you should tell the dentist. If you have teeth that are misaligned and affecting you, you’ll probably need braces, but if there is an impacted tooth, it’s going to be taken out via surgery

    Improper brushing and flossing is another key part of this. Often, most people don’t’ care how they brush and floss, and then they do so too hard. This will create some irritated, bleeding, and inflamed gums. If you do this a lot, it can cause the gums to further recede and make your teeth unstable. Do talk to your dentist and discuss any brushing techniques so that you use soft-bristled toothbrushes for your future brushing endeavors.

    Teeth grinding is another cause for tooth pain. Some people will grind their teeth when they’re sleeping, or when they’re stressed. If you do it a lot, you end up clenching your jaw al, most violently, and you start to grind the top and bottom teeth against one another. This causes sore bones and joints, along with headaches, and cracked teeth, which causes a lot of pain. Often, the best way to alleviate this type of situation is to see your dentist, and you will be able to get a custom mouth guard for the situation
  4. Damaged fillings and sealants are another issue that could be there. If you have a dental filling that covers any pits, grooves, or any fractures that protect your tooth and it gets damaged, these can be exposed to some extreme temperatures, various food particles, and bacteria. This can cause anything from a dull ache to a piercing sensation. If you have a damaged filling or sealant, do talk to your dentist so that you can get it fixed before there is further damage to this.

    Temperature sensitivity is another big part of this. If you have this happen when you’re eating or drinking something cold and hot, this essentially will mean that the enamel is worn down and the dentin is exposed. This can also happen when you whiten your teeth. If you feel a lot of pain from this, especially after whitening, you should try to get toothpaste made for this. Do talk to the dentist to get recommendations and other treatments that you could so get.

    Finally, tooth fractures, whether it from falling, playing sports, or biting down on something can also cause pain. It often means that it made its way to the middle of the tooth, and this causes excruciating pain. You might not feel this when the tooth is chipped immediately, but it can develop over time. It’s why you see your dentist ASAP.

    These are all the typical reasons to go see a Roseburg Oregon dentist when you’re in tooth pain. Don’t leave it hanging there, for it can get worse over time. Instead, take responsibility to see to this, and to ensure that it’s taken care of to help you.
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