Brighton Cryptofestival - December 1 2013

A day of talks, activities and workshops, teaching practical privacy skills, and how to be more secure online. A production with Lighthouse Studio and the Open Rights Group.


  1. The day was opened by Aral Balkan, experience designer, former Lighthouse Technologist-in-residence, and founder of Indie, a project to bring experience-driven, open products to the public, enabling and empowering people with technology.
  2. Javier Ruiz, from the Open Rights Group, spoke on the future of national surveillance, and what solutions we are currently faced with:
  3. Smari McCarthy talks on the economics of surveillance, and the realities of being watched, politically and personally.
  4. Paolo Vecchi, from open-source company Omnis Systems, speaks on open-source as the safest alternative online.
  5. There was crypto-game prototyping during Cryptoparty, focusing on the Lego Panopticon, developed with MA Digital Media Arts student Maf'j Alvarez: