The ISO-Halo Campaign 2016 to Rebuild Public Trust in Politics

Citizen-led Democracy - Holding elected representatives to account.

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  2. ISOHalo16 Pressrelease 15th Fe b 2016
  3. ISO-Halo 2016 explained for Tim
    ISO-Halo 2016 explained for Tim
  4. What? The Objective of this ISO-Halo Campaign 2016 is very straighforward and doable. One has to simply download the PDF form, print it out, present it to your local candidates in the forthcoming General Election (probably February 2016) and ask them to sign the ISO-Halo form as an undetaking of their ethical behaviour in Public office, if elected. Keep the form for reference and if possible, upload it online eg Facebook etc to show promote the Campaign.
  5. Why? Many years a guy called Jack Kerwin, who was a PDForra army members rep, introduced me the saying:- "You have exceeded my frustration tolerance threshold!" Tuesday the 8th Dec 2015 was traditionally the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, when virtually all schools in Ireland closed, and the country people visited Dublin and Clery's Store (now no more) in the City Centre in O'Connell (A famous Irish Leader) Street. Older times, older certainties, when one would believe in the integrity of our elected Political Leaders as genuine Public Servants.

  6. RTÉ Investigates - Standards in Public Office was a TV Documentary broadcast on the evening of Tues 8th Dec. In a nutshell it was a demoralising reminder, rather than a shocking surprise, to be exposed to evidence of widespread disregard by elected Politicians for abiding by the rules for Standards in Public Office (SIPO) and of moneygrabbing corruption by named and video recorded politicians.
  7. The programme inspired a lot of subsequent news media and talk show activity for the following few days.
  8. Following the programme there was the usual platitude by the body Politic about how all politicians were/are being tarred by the same brush. Some Parties, who the named politicians had been members of, disassociated themselves from the bad eggs and moved on. Some Councils even voted that those bad eggs should resign their elected seats. However this is all toothless, meaningless, NON-regulation of misconduct by elected officials. One of those exposed (seen in the video below) has even scoffed, and with good reason, that he will be elected on the first count next time round.
  9. Heyyyyy McElvaney (Irish Politician Bribe REMIX)
  10. Even the Media Statement by the Standards in Public Office Commission (see below) was an arse-covering exercise, which only emphasised the waste of taxpayers monies by having a "half-condom" protection of the public interest, with SIPO not even being allowed to instigate it's own investigation, without receiving a complaint from a member of the public

  11. 8 December 2015

    Standards in Public Office Commission

    Media Statement -

  12. RTE Investigates Standards in Public OfficeThe Standards Commission notes the RTE Investigates programme on Standards in Public Office. It would not be appropriate for it to comment on individual cases. However, it wishes to set out in general terms the position concerning the investigation of alleged contraventions of ethics legislation by elected representatives.

  13. When I talked to friends, joined in chats in my local Men's Shed, discussed with online contacts the programme and the wider issue of Public Trust in Politics, I was (again not surprised) being struck by the absolute sense of helplessness that plain ordinary citizens of all ages, backgrounds and of both (or more?) genders and many pesuasions feel. People repeatedly say :- "Sure, what do you expect?" , or, "They're all the same!", or refer to the endless, inefective, costly tribunals and the Financial implosion of 2008, pointing out that none of the culprits ever seem to get punished.
  14. Many of these people have kids in their formative years and, as parents, they try to set standards of morality and Civic behaviour for their children, as responsible parents. Yet, from the age the kids can recognise screens and TV, never mind reading, what is being embedded, both deeply and repeatedly, in their psyche is that crime Pays (most profitably the White Collar Crime....... so you got to go to College first to play that game!). What is also imprinted in their impressionable young minds is the acceptability of the Fluidity and Flexibility of the Truth, as regularly exemplified by leaders in all areas of our lives. More than 20 years ago my young son (under 10) , when challenged by me for slyly "Pinching" an old Punt coin, unhesitatingly explained to me "Sure, everybody lies Daddy!) How can these good, caring, responsible parents draw the line for their kids, when the "Line in the Sand" has been redrawn by the likes of Ray Burke.
  15. Ray Burke TD draws his "Line in the Sand" in Dail Eireann, September 1997
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