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Letters 1916 Project - first 2 months on Twitter

The Letters of 1916 Project was launched on 27 September 2013. We are overwhelmed by the amount of publicity and positive feedback the project have received to date, especially on Twitter! Thank you All for your support and spreading the word!


  1. Towards the launch...
  2. And here it all started!
  3. A lovely tweet from the @archivesireland:
  4. Our website went live!
  5. Karolina Badzmierowska, an Associate Editor for the Letters of 1916 Project says:
  6. Dr Susan Schreibman, the Principle Investigator and Editor-in-Chief of the Letters of 1916 speaking on Morning Ireland, 24 September 2013
  7. On this day, 24 September 2013, over 30 Twitter users responded! Starts with Caroline McGee, a researcher from Trinity College Dublin: