Let Toys Be Toys media coverage: 2012-13

See how the media have reported on the Let Toys Be Toys campaign from its beginnings in 2012 to the end of 2013.


  1. Let Toys Be Toys came together in late 2012, and kicked off with a survey of UK high street shops to show the extent of gender-based marketing.
  2. May 2013 - see pages 23-24 of the digital edition of Toy News online to see what independent toy retailers thought about marketing toys by gender.
  3. Following a meeting with Let Toys Be Toys campaigners, Toys R Us pledges to start removing explicit references to gender on their in-store signs, and the store will show pictures of boys and girls enjoying the same toys. They also promised to review the way toys are represented in the company’s Christmas catalogue. (See international news coverage and blogs.) 

  4. Rebecca Hains and Sabrina Schaeffer: "Let Toys Be Toys," Fox & Friends