NW Health Equity Forum 2016

Great conversation ... lots of learning! Join us for our follow up webinar March 8th 2016 ... registration link to follow.


  1. Along with our fabulous partners and sponsors, the NCCDH (nccdh.ca) hosted a multi-site conversation with public health and community stakeholders about using a Collective Impact approach to tackle health inequity. Friends joined from Prince George, Whitehorse, Grande Prairie and Prince Albert to talk "intersectoral action" "health equity" and "social determinants of health" with a northern/rural/remote focus.

  2. Paola Ardiles, our facilitator in Prince George, kept all 4 sites on track, while we heard from our guest presenters. Connie Clement, Scientific Director of the NCCDH started us with an introduction to the key concepts guiding our discussion: health equity, social determinants of health, intersectoral action, public heath roles, and collective impact.

  3. Rebecca Zappelli from SFU shared the experience of the Vancouver Mental Health and Addictions Collective Impact Project. In conversation with Paola, Rebecca described the how they moved toward establishing system change goals for their intersectoral collaboration to move away from a crises driven service system.
  4. COLLECTIVE IMPACT Resources: Tamarack: Making Collective Impact Work, (podcast and links); Tamarack: Learning Centre; FSG: Collective Impact; FSG: Collective Impact Forum; Equity and Collective Impact BLOGS: 1) Stanford Social Innovation; 2) FSG Collective Impact Forum.