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Developing a Social Media Strategy: CWC Social Media Career Accelerator

On April 24, 2012, Leona Hobbs delivered a lecture about social media strategy to the participants in the 2012 Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) Social Media Career Accelerator at the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto.


  1. Leona has spoken to this group of women from the CWC Career Accelerator program annually since 2007.
  2. Canadian Women in Communications raises the profile of women working in the communications and technology field through a number of benefits, services, awards and internships, a national mentoring program, local and national events, professional development, high-profile initiatives like the Women on Boards program and through strong partnerships with government agencies, industry corporations and other associations.
  3. Wendy Jacincto from CWC and Lori Beckstead and Laurie Petrou from Ryerson deliver an excellent program for CWC members looking to develop their social media skill-set.
  4. Leona's links to resources referenced in her lecture:
  5. Post about the lecture on the CWC blog by participant May Tartoussy who is marketing manager for I Quit Smoking Canada.