Hang The Atheist Bloggers & Be Polite About it

At least 27 people (including 2 policeman) have been killed & dozens hurt after police & Islamist protesters clashed in Bangladesh. Police used stun grenades & rubber bullets. Protester chanted "One point! One demand! Atheists must be hanged" Violence, vandalism, arson, & looting took place.

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  1. Obviously I would never side with those 'who did massacring,' There is no proof that government led 'massacre' took place.

    Those who really did do massacring are Jamaat leaders. It was their supporters who were protesting and it looks like Mo is defending them. As a survivor of a (unrelated) genocide I want victims of Bangladesh Genocide 1971 to finally get some justice. This is why I support Shahbag movement.

    It is impossible for us to know, without independent investigation, if government used unnecessary brutality or if tragic loss of life could have been prevented by the law enforcement. Anyone who says otherwise is spreading unverified propaganda.

    However, what we do know is this was NOT peaceful protest. Killing, violence, arson, & looting took place. Police struggled to control violent riot in which one police officer was hacked with machete.

    Read about terrifying demands made by Hefazat-e-Islami and who are Jamaat-e-Islami that Mo Ansar is referring to as 'Orthodox Muslims'

    Also lets not forget blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, who's throat was slit after he was hacked to death outside his home in Dhaka on Feb 15th. This happened after Islamist leaders claimed that bloggers who support Shahbag are atheist, anti-Islamic, and foster 'anti-social' elements. Some Islamists declared that bloggers involved in the Shahbag movement will be slaughtered in public.

    Seriously if this is accurate translation it is terrifying, watch it & see for yourself just how 'peaceful' these guys are.

  2. Declaration of Slaughtering Shahbag bloggers in Public.mp4
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    Accusations & death toll Mo Ansar is mentioning below, so far, only appear on Islamist websites. I am guessing this is the reason why 'Reports' were not cited.

  4. No objective evidence surfaced yet to support claim of government brutality/murder or this many victims. If it does, I will correct myself!

    In the meantime here is blog debunking some of Islamist propaganda in Bangladesh:

    Oh & this video, watch carefully & you will see some 'dead people' get up & walk away, so it appears.

  5. Hefajot Claiming Hundreds are dead by the police raid on 5 May, 2013