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Love by default: Eddie Cibrian called Leann Rimes 'a speedbump' and more...

Although Leann was the only woman left, that kept her door open to Cibrian, Eddie spoke about Leann in clear words. And Brandi recorded his words and played them for Leann. But not only Brandi: Eddie's management also gave out a statement about Leann that was not flattering AT ALL.


  1. Eddie Cibrian's opinion of Leann changed radically after Glanville kicked him out completely. In the beginning while he was already living with Rimes he was still meeting Brandi in their first year of separation. And the recordings that were made at thát time Brandi Glanville played for Leann.

    Leann Rimes who has so much of anger towards Glanville. In between the I-Am-So-Happy tweets we all read Leann Rimes doesn't miss a chance to throw jabs at Glanville. And everybody is wondering: why? You got the guy, you got the family, you even got some of Glanville's friends: go and be happy. But no: Rimes behavior, tweets and interviews solely show heavy passive aggressive behavior towards Glanville.

    I believe a lot of Rimes' anger stems from that happiness killer Glanville confronted Rimes with on tape: Eddie Cibrian describing what he really thinks about Rimes, while seeing Glanville again. And Cibrian's love for the sexy mother of his children, éxplains why Leann Rimes goes out of her way to stalk and copy everything Glanville wears and does. It is just plain FEAR.
  2. If Leann is honest she would have focused her anger on Eddie Cibrian, who had already moved in with her, but was still seeing his ex-wife that first year. Why would you open your door to a man like that? A guy who was not only seeing Leann on the side (while still married with Glanville), but waitress Scheana ALSO.

    In other words: Leann was not even the only woman he cheated with! Was Leann Rimes thát desperate to have her second 'Andrew Keegan' (the fiance who was stolen from her by Piper Pergabo)? Was she thát desperate to finally have the 'cool hot' guy she never had in highschool? We'll never know her motives to marry Cibrian, a man who stated he didn't love hér and wanted to get back with his wife Glanville and intact family. All we know about Rimes' motives is what we see & hear from her: a lot of anger towards Eddie's ex-wife, a lot of talking and tweeting about Eddie's ex-wife & the testimony of her now 'hubby' calling Leann ugly, a speedbump, and as someone he is not in love with.
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  4. “Eddie is a devoted and loving father first and foremost and the speed bump he and Brandi are experiencing needs to be worked out privately for everyone’s benefit.”

  5. Glanville talks about Eddie's characterization of Leann Rimes and her relationship with Eddie the first year of their divorce, in her bestseller book "Drinking & Tweeting". And in this interview with Howard Stern she also talks about the recording she made of Eddie at hér house (while they were seeing each other again but Eddie was already living with Leann). Thé recording she send to Rimes.

    So: Rimes entered a marriage, after a year, knowing Eddie Cibrian had been continuing with his ex-wife thát first year. Yikes. How desperate.

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  7. Howard Stern Show : Brandi Glanville Interview 02/19/13 P.1