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Album: Leann Rimes copies her (ex) fiancée mistress: Piper Perabo, on cover latest album

What is the history between Piper Perabo and Leann Rimes? Well, Piper stole Leann's fiancée Andrew Keegan from Leann, while Piper was shooting a movie with Andrew (sounds familiar?). And Leann never got over that trauma, living a life of repetitions.


  1. Leann Rimes and her fiancée Andrew Keegan:

  2. The hot Piper Perabo who stole borrowed Andrew Keegan from Leann Rimes:

  3.                              Like straight from a textbook of psychoanalyst Freud:

    Leann Rimes copied a picture of Piper Perabo, for the cover of her latest album Spitfire, which is all about Leann stealing another woman's man.
                                               Brandi Glanville's man: Eddie Cibrian.

  4.                                                                           Thanks to observation of @ZhuFamily:
  5.                                                             Now that's SCARY

  6. The photographer Sara Hertel could not be reached for her comment on this Freudian copy of Piper Perabo's pic