#womenwrites: essential writing by women

  1. A Graphic Novel
  2. Women's Health
  3. 'I’m Good With Not Talking': On Living With Social Anxiety by Shannon Fuller- Role Reboot:  http://buff.ly/1NFzx6Z  #womenwrites
  4. Women's History
  5. Intersectionality, Racism, and Women's Lives
  6. For immigrants in today's Britain, is 'integration' an unachievable ideal? by Sabeena Akhtar  http://buff.ly/1R2uOXC  #womenwrites
  7. Azealia Banks’ Twitter Ban Reminds Us Freedom Of Speech Is For Whites Only by Carol Hood  http://buff.ly/22kONJa  #womenwrites
  8. Male Violence
  9. Pornography is more than just sexual fantasy. It's cultural violence. by Julia Long  http://wpo.st/KDpc1  #womenwrites
  10. In the frame a critical look at the linguistic framing of current debates on prostitution.  http://buff.ly/1q3BUoW  #womenwrites
  11. “Men have taken away a woman’s right to simply say no to their advances.” by @queencharlene95  http://buff.ly/1O2SRuY  #womenwrites
  12. Gender
  13. Reproductive Justice
  14. The UN must smash the culture of impunity that lets peacekeepers get away with child abuse  http://buff.ly/1sSBUue  #predatorypeacekeepers