#womenwrites - an archive of essential writing by women (July)

  1. Intersectionality and feminism
  2. I'm A 15 Year Old Girl. Here's Why I'm Worried About Marvel's New Iron Man. | Gradient  http://bit.ly/2anqDez  #womenwrites
  3. Arctic Ramadan: fasting in land of midnight sun comes with a challenge by Ashifa Kassam  http://buff.ly/29gz1w5  #womenwrites
  4. Mysterious deaths highlight troubling lengths First Nations youth must go for an education  http://gu.com/p/4n2xb/stw  #womenwrites
  5. The struggle in Iqaluit: north and south collide in Canada's Arctic capital  http://gu.com/p/4mjg8/stw  #womenwrites
  6. male violence against women and girls
  7. Mass murderers have one thing in common - and it's not a 'women's problem' by Joan Smith  http://buff.ly/29O88Nq  #womenwrites
  8. Oscar Pistorius sentence: an homage to celebrity and white privilege by Ranjeni Munusamy  http://buff.ly/2a8xwCB  #womenwrites
  9. Thousands of women unknowingly have intrusive photos shared on Twitter by Elle Hunt  http://buff.ly/2ao05fq  #womenwrites
  10. Why The New Year’s Attacks On Women In Germany Weren’t Even A Crime by Jina Moore  http://buff.ly/29H6eza  via @itsjina #womenwrites
  11. When Women and Girls Are Attacked by Men, We Blame Everything Except Male Violence by @CratesNRibbons  http://buff.ly/29ZQ82M 
  12. Pornography & Prostitution
  13. The new "public health crisis" strategy for opposing porn at Purple Sage Feminist  http://buff.ly/2a4HJdP  #womenwrites
  14. UK Fem founder Kat Banyard on 'Pimp State', feminism & need to "mainstream feminism through the education system"  https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/uk/kat-banyard-hitting-sex-trade-hurts/ 
  15. Rae Story on neoliberalism, ‘sex work,’ and the ‘middle-classing’ of prostitution  http://buff.ly/29RfWSP  via @FeministCurrent #womenwrites
  16. Women's Health
  17. Women's History
  18. Patriarchy & the Establishment of ‘Objective Facts’: The Narrative is Already Gendered by @LucyAllenFWR  http://buff.ly/29gwimb  #womenwrites
  19. Politics
  20. You Have Nothing to Fear But Yourselves: A Retort to the GOP via by the Bluest I  http://buff.ly/2a2U0Wv  #womenwrites
  21. Ivanka Trump endorses Hillary Clinton's positions on equal pay, family leave by Jessica Winter  http://buff.ly/2anXX7e  #womenwrites
  22. Gender
  24. Women-Only Space…..Fundamental to Feminism and All Women. at Shack Diaries  http://buff.ly/2acpnvn 
  25. 'We don’t know if your baby’s a boy or a girl': growing up intersex by Jenny Kleeman  http://buff.ly/29e0lbD  #womenwrites
  26. Motherhood
  27. Women Writers
  28. Women writers get less credit. So, what are we doing about it? by Maddie Crum  http://buff.ly/29ZL9ms  via @HuffPostArts #womenwrites