A collation of brilliant writing by women

  1. Male Violence
  2. Predatory Peacekeepers – UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape by @ClairesShrugged  http://buff.ly/1O93PiI  #womenwrites
  3. Why the silence on the scandal of unpaid child maintenance? | Polly Toynbee  http://buff.ly/1YyzexD  #womenwrites
  4. We are Not Orlando: Spurious Community Building and the Failure to Name the Problem  http://buff.ly/26971zv  via @LucyAllenFWR #womenwrites
  5. The images of Reeva Steenkamp's corpse invade her privacy, even in death by Marianne Thamm  http://buff.ly/2695hXe  #womenwrites
  6. Sexualised Violence
  7. Domestic Violence
  8. Male violence and celebrity culture
  9. As the Johnny Depp domestic abuse claims reveal, we are too quick to make excuses for men we admire  http://buff.ly/24qnJI4  #womenwrites
  10. Amber Heard, & the grotesque disparity in how men and women are treated in cases of domestic violence  http://buff.ly/1sXVrZG  #womenwrites
  11. Prostitution and Pornography
  12. The anti-porn movement is growing. The public is just catching up. by Haley Halverston  http://buff.ly/1Y974sG  #womenwrites
  13. Feminist Writers
  14. by Christina Fonthes Almost three years ago I wrote an article on the lack of books for black girls - the...  http://fb.me/4PVE3hjvn 
  15. The books world is a massive diversity fail – here's how we change it by Catherine Johnson  http://buff.ly/24XlhZH  #womenwrites
  16. BREXIT
  17. Britain has confused social sociopathy for economic debate by Chimene Suleyman  http://buff.ly/263fGXL  via @WritersofColour #womenwrites
  18. These are scary times for people of colour. It’s time for a big conversation | Lola Okolosie  http://buff.ly/28VF46M  #womenwrites
  19. Intersectionality
  20. Feminist Fiction
  21. Feminist Mothering
  22. “STOP! Read This Before You Post Another RIP on Social Media” by Taya Dunn Johnson  http://buff.ly/28Mtrck  #womenwrites
  23. Science
  24. Misogyny, machines, and the media, or: how science should not be reported by Claire Hardaker  http://buff.ly/1sXWXuR  #womenwrites