#womenwrites - tackling cultural femicide & celebrating women writers

  1. For three years I have been collating a weekly selection of writing by women that I think are must reads. I’m going to continue doing this but will now reshare all the articles I collect each week with the tag #womenwrites. I hope other women will share articles, blogs, vlogs, poetry and art that has stunned, challenged or changed their life using #womenwrites.

    At the end of each week, I will storyify everything shared on twitter using the #womenwrites tag to create an even bigger archive of women writers and artists.
  2. Why sharing the McKinney video is “exposing” racism at the expense of Black women by MAHROH JAHANGIRI  http://buff.ly/1Mq3xMQ  #womenwrites
  3. The problem with men participating in feminism? There is no risk – but plenty of glory via @sarahditum  http://buff.ly/1kjTT82  #womenwrites
  4. The Myths Surrounding Black Women and Miscarriage by Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley  http://buff.ly/1RGGCkp  #womenwrites
  5. What this video shows us about how boys are taught to handle rejection by Eleanor Robertson  http://buff.ly/1Mq3FvH  #womenwrites
  6. Via @NPR: The Kids' Book 'A Fine Dessert' Has Award Buzz — And Charges Of Whitewashing Slavery  http://n.pr/1S6ULsc . #womenwrites
  7. Last week's collection of essential writing by women: #womenwrites - essential writing by women  http://buff.ly/1L1V5lS  via @LeStewpot
  8. If you have a spare a fiver this week, please donate to nia who are a feminist organisation working directly with women and girls who are living with the consequences of male violence.
  9. "On 30 October the women's charity Eaves closed down. One of their services was the London Exiting and Advocacy (LEA) Project.

    The barriers for women who want to exit prostitution are many and complex. The LEA Project offers non-judgemental support to women who want to exit. The LEA project helps them access housing and welfare benefits, legal advice, healthcare, drug and alcohol services and specialist counselling. It also supports women to access employment, training, education, volunteering and sustainable employment.

    The funders of the service - The Big Lottery, Charles Hayward Foundation and Hounslow council - have agreed to transfer funding to The Nia Project so that this vital service can continue. But the van that was used for night-time outreach work was seized by the administrator when Eaves closed down, so we need to raise the funds to buy a replacement.

    Can you help us buy the van so that we can continue to reach women who want to leave prostitution - women who might not otherwise know that there is someone to help them?

    If you can spare even £10, it would be a big help. For more information on Nia, visit our website at niaendingviolence.org.uk or talk to our CEO Karen Ingala Smith or chair Helen Lewis on Twitter." DONATE HERE.