#MakingWorkVisible for #IWD2017

  1. Today & every day women do work which is undervalued or invisible. We'll be #MakingWorkVisible - help us by live-tweeting your day! #IWD2017 https://t.co/kkK1nMkFFL
    Today & every day women do work which is undervalued or invisible. We'll be #MakingWorkVisible - help us by live-tweeting your day! #IWD2017 pic.twitter.com/kkK1nMkFFL
  2. I'm starting the day making my kids breakfast & packed lunch for school whilst helping her with a blog post for #IWD2017 #MakingWorkVisible
  3. I still need to do last nights dishes before spending 2 hours volunteering as part of a Fair Trade Fortnight activity #MakingWorkVisible
  4. Obviously, there are no fathers att school helping out running the school library (created & staffed by mothers) #MakingWorkVisible
  5. There will also be mothers helping with literacy/ numeracy support activities. #MakingWorkVisible
  6. This doesn't cover the extra work done by teachers & support staff that they don't get paid for. #MakingWorkVisible
  7. As well as running after school clubs & supervising trips to pool for PE freeing up school support staff #MakingWorkVisible
  8. If this was Friday, there would also be mothers selling cakes made by other mothers to decrease costs of school trips #MakingWorkVisible
  9. I've been at the school for 2 1/2 hours volunteering with Fair Trade kids. Back home for lunch/ admin #MakingWorkVisible
  10. Also sneaking some laundry in before returning to school at 2:30 for more Fair Trade activities. #MakingWorkVisible
  11. Another 1.5 hours at the school helping out Fair Trade activities. And chatting to large numbers of small children #MakingWorkVisible
  12. I'm stuffing in a bunch of emails for work before taking the kid to swimming lessons #MakingWorkVisible
  13. I love helping out at the school but can't do it regularly as a) can't afford it & b) fibromyalgia. #MakingWorkVisible
  14. I can't always even guarantee being able to sit up due to pain. Or type for that matter. #MakingWorkVisible
  15. My ankle (on my good leg) is already swollen from standing up too much today. I'll spend most of tomorrow in pain #MakingWorkVisible
  16. (That will be on top of the pain I live with every single day) #MakingWorkVisible
  17. I depend on PIP and disability tax credits. Without them, I'd be fucked. I can't work full time due to pain. #MakingWorkVisible
  18. This makes holding down jobs of any sort very difficult.
  19. So many women in a similar position to me who struggle with paid and unpaid work with no recognition #MakeWorkVisible
  20. It's not just all the unpaid labour women do for free but that men get rewarded for doing even an iota of it #MakingWorkVisible
  21. But fathers who can't be arsed to parent their children for most of their lives get cookies for showing up once to school #MakingWorkVisible
  22. 1 toddler group I'm aware of used to charge mothers entry fees & charged for tea & cake during week.#MakingWorkVisible
  23. Dad's who attended on Saturdays paid no entry fee & got a free bacon butty. For doing the same work as mothers #MakingWorkVisible
  24. Still #MakingWorkVisible Home from swimming lessons, dinner is cooking and I'm doing last load of laundry and cat litter
  25. Not sure why women will be #makingworkvisible today? This wee video helps explain why women's work is undervalued and invisible #IWD2017 pic.twitter.com/RbgW4VnSmO