Unwarranted Attack on Xavier Damman


  1. This is to highlight the, quite frankly, vicious tactics of a certain group of people towards Storify CEO Xavier Damman.

    There is a Storify/Twitter user known as ElevatorGATE, who collates various tweets/conversations together from different circles. They often highlight silly things some people might be saying. Regardless of his reasons, there is a group of people who claim that sharing their public tweets (excessively) on Storify amounts to stalking/harassment.

    Because of this, they attempted to appeal to Mr. Damman to have him personally deal with the matter. Storify compromised and removed ElevatorGATE's ability to send notifications to those he Storifies (thus removing any perceived element of harassment). 
  2. However, as expected, this wasn't good enough for them. They still had plenty to complain about, because they just want it all their own way. Mr. Damman, all the while, was very reasonable.

    However, as Mr. Damman hasn't agreed with their standpoint 100%, he is vilified now too. This is what these people do.

    In one of the tweets, Mr. Damman @'ed ElevatorGATE in:
  3. So what reaction does this warrant?
  4. Note her name isn't actually in the mentions of the previous tweet, by the way. Also, there's no proof ElevatorGATE meets the definition of "Stalker", as he Storifies MANY people, myself included. I do not consider him a stalker, because I'm not insane.
  5. I should point out that, at the time of writing this, ElevatorGATE's twitter account is actually suspended - so he won't even see the fact he was @'ed in. Additionally, had Mr. Damman NOT @'ed him in, ElevatorGATE would have seen this conversation anyway! Many users were viewing it and linking to it, and ElevatorGATE follows all of those users, so he would have seen the conversation ANYWAY...


    Not only that, but those people attacking Mr. Damman had ALREADY used ElevatorGATE's name. Perhaps not with the @, but any vanity search he may have been doing would still have shown him this conversation!

    Still, because these children haven't gotten their own way, a blog post about how Mr. Damman is some evil bastard has been written and everybody is jumping on board, because: feminism.  http://www.anamardoll.com/2013/08/feminism-day-ceo-of-storify-sent-my.html