The hysteria of Caroline Perez

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  1. Quick update: This Storify has been doing the rounds again on Twitter - please note that this all happened on 5th September 2013. This did not happen recently. Perez still makes a nuisance of herself - don't get me wrong - I just don't want anybody to think this particular example is recent.

    Please note: Any opinions expressed within are my own, and not representative of the people I've quoted.

    I encourage readers to assess the situation themselves and form their own opinions. Read the Twitter timelines of the people involved. Hint: If you click/right-click the time stamp of the embedded tweets, you can open all or part of the conversation for further reading.

    Ms. Perez headed a campaign which succeeded in getting Jane Austen on the £10 note. Google for more details, though you will probably find she is now better known as a victim of trolling online.

    Various trolls have sent her "threats" on twitter, via email, etc. (Non-credible; attempts to annoy/upset her) as a result of her public, feminist, image.

    While I don't excuse such behaviour, her reaction to it is over the top. She milks it, refuses to ignore trolls, and tries to make it everybody else's problem.

    It has also caused her to overshadow her own victory. She is now better known for the backlash, than what she achieved - that is, in no small part, her own doing.

    I can't quite work out whether she's acting a part, for some bigger agenda, or whether she just really is so sensitive that she'd call the police if she had a bad dream.

    It seems to me that all she does is sit on twitter all day, inflaming the situation she's complaining about, and letting her sycophantic followers massage her ego.

    Today was one of her "bad days".
  2. "This stream @twitter is why, tho report button is welcome, it's not good enough. No good for sustained attacks."

    ... followed by a screenshot of one single person sending her various inflammatory comments.

    Isolated example. Proves nothing.
  3. Nice guy. That is how she reacts. Notice the dot before the @ to set her followers on him?

    True to form, some of her minions piled on this guy, as they pile on anybody who disagrees with her - some name calling, some exaggerating the situation. You know how it goes.

    Apparently they're the victims though.

    Also, it's a bit rich to bemoan somebody telling her how to behave when her entire public image is based on her telling others (The bank of England, Twitter, Men, Society) how to behave.

    Extra tweet later on in the conversation which was good:
  4. You can read his follow up blog post here: 
  5. Not wanting to be guilty of using isolated examples myself...
  6. Set the dogs on them!
  7. Quite a long exchange between these two. Nicky was polite and understanding throughout. Check their timelines if you need more evidence (don't want to clutter up the story with their entire exchange)