Anita Sarkeesian babbling...


  1. It's pretty widely accepted that Anita Sarkeesian is full of shit.

    I say this not because I'm an "angry gamer dude bravely defending the status quo" - I'm not even a big gamer, really. I'm just not an idiot. Anita relies on her followers/supporters being of a certain mindset, where they simply accept what they're told by her. For this reason, she maintains success. She can't be "stopped" because she'll always have people who buy into what she's selling. Naive people.

    New evidence comes to light now and again to prove she just makes shit up and has nothing real to offer. No point going over it all, as my followers will already be fully aware of what a charlatan she is.

    Recently called out on her not being a real gamer ( ) seems to have prompted a series of tweets which amused me: