Buzz, blimps and more: CNN on the ground at Le Bourget

It's that time of the year when the who's who of the aviation descend upon Le Bourget airfield in Paris for the premier industry event. CNN's Richard Quest, Bryony Jones and Ayesha Durgahee have been at the 50th International Airshow this week. Here's what they've seen and heard...

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  1. The excited team make their way from London to Paris ahead of the event where even the traffic and wet weather couldn't dampen their spirits. 
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  3. Upon arrival it was straight into interviews and finding out what the next big business announcements were going to be. First up, Richard Quest asked the hard questions to the airline executives:
  4. And here's the final product! President and CEO of Boeing told Richard that the company sees the recent Dreamliner problems as a "learning lesson" and that Boeing will soon be back on top. 
  5. Blimps seem to be making a comeback after a slew of cargo airship concepts were on display. Among them included U.S. firm Aeroscraft (look out for CNN's report on them in the coming days). 
  6. When Bryony wasn't plane-spotting, she was celeb-spotting. A little starstruck, she attempted to compose herself after meeting one cosmonaut who might ring a bell -- Buzz Aldrin. 
  7. The end of a very hot and sticky day at #pas2013 - heading home to write up some stories... q1pN/
  8. GE Aviation has 30,000 engines flying around in the skies on several airlines. The company's president and CEO David Joyce spent some time showing Richard Quest their new GEnx engine and it's lightweight components. 
  9. Amidst the aerial acrobatics, flying displays and business transactions, were the all-important 2013 Skytrax World Airline Awards. Described as the "most prestigious accolades for the world airline industry," the winners are chosen by travelers each year.
  10. Getting in on the fun, Richard was on hand to present the award for "Best Business Class In The World."
  11. Rounding up the frivolities, Bryony seemingly stumbled onto a film set after coming across Delorean from "Back To The Future"
  12. Never mind the planes for a minute... It's a Back to the Future DELOREAN! #pas13 #pas2013 Believe me,… K1jE/
  13. This is a real life transformer! Agusta Westland's Project Zero, under wraps for years, unveiled… q1jA/
  14. That's it from the CNN team at the 50th Paris Airshow. Keep an eye out for Bryony's piece on real-life "Transformers" and their civil applications coming soon...