Highlights, as seen through your phones...

Tweets from The Feel At Home In The Hague Fair


  1. The run-up up to the Fair - the 31st was looming - excitement was building and owner/founder Billy Allwood watched over what would soon be the 'kingdom' of the Fair....
  2. Anticipation was built from all sectors, as Dutch Ambassador of Hello Tomorrow, Tom Schoehuijs, reminded his followers not to miss the Fair's Innovation Talks ... and all they offered.
  3. Multiple Media Partners got involved...did you spot them?
  4. Aaaand the warm up's began - as stand-holders gradually decked-out their allocated islands with posters, wares, TV's and representatives - the BSN and ISH students prepared their vocals and instruments for the podiums opening numbers...
  5. The BSN stand prepped their banana powered technologies... amongst other things....
  6. Nothing like a good 'We're almost set up, and waiting for you to visit' selfie!
  7. The wonderful welcoming number was captured on film by the Fair's BSN Student Media Crew
  8. At 11am the fun truly kicked off - as the doors were opened to the public. Check out these posts by Project Africa's nerve-gun stand and the hilarious kids Punch & Judy show.
  9. Dawn Black demonstrated her skills with camera's no matter the medium - in this tweet