Are journalists in danger in Latin America?

Notes from the October 15, 2014 AS/COA roundtable on freedom of expression in the Americas

  1. Are journalists in danger in the Americas? - A Discussion with the 2014 Moors Cabot Award Winners
  2. Carlos Lauria of the Committee to Protect Journalists opened the AS/COA roundtable.
  3. The press in #LatAm has become freer and more vibrant, but journalists still face serious threats, says Carlos Lauria of @CPJAmericas
  4. Brazil has become an increasingly dangerous place for journalists, says Carlos Lauria of @pressfreedom at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  5. I wanted to know as a journalist who was paying my salary, says @Laura_Weffer at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  6. What impact has technology had on Latin American journalism?
  7. We don't pick up the phone as much as we used to, in part thanks to Twitter, says @fbajak at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  8. We have to think about what gets clicks on the Internet. We're doing a lot more multimedia, says @fbajak at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  9. Prob with Twitter is you don't always know who the source is, and officials don't have to answer questions, says @TracyKWilkinson #Cabot2014
  10. The new model is doing more with less, there's a lot of maximizing every trip, says @TracyKWilkinson at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  11. Fortunately print media is not suffering in Latin America as much as it is in the United States, says @gianninasegnini at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  12. Despite their team of 300 developers, NYTimes still has a vertical editorial structure that's limiting innovation, says @gianninasegnini
  13. There's no way you can interview 200,000 people in person. That's a way tech has helped our profession, says @gianninasegnini #cabot2014
  14. "I was detweeted," says Mexico's Paco Calderón. My newspaper said: why give out for free what we're charging for? @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  15. On neg side of social media, it "encourages people to lynch journalists" @CartonCalderon @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  16. A contracting industry (especially in Latin American reporting)
  17. Fewer @AP & @latimes reporters covering more territory in the Americas - less information for the US? #Cabot2014 @AmerQuarterly
  18. .@TracyKWilkinson "We have to do more with less." In case of LA Times, 2.5 journalists are covering what 9 used to in LatAm. #Cabot2014
  19. On why they do what they do
  20. "I'm not sure if we have more corruption or if we're finally discovering corruption," says @gianninasegnini at @ASCOA #Cabot2014
  21. This is precisely the moment to do journalism in #Venezuela, despite all of the risks, says @TamoaC #Cabot2014
  22. On future of journalism