SunFest's Greatest Hits on YouTube

Imagine the YouTube clips we could have if people had video phones back when SunFest started. But you can get a good sense of the festival's music and scene of the past few years from the numerous clips on YouTube. Let's party!


  1. He's Snoop Lion now, a Rasta man dedicated to Jamaica, Marley music and the herb, and probably not in that order. But he was still an urban rapper ("Say whoop, whoop!") when he played SunFest last year. I wonder if he still has the big stuffed animal in his act:
  2. Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice - Sunfest 2012
  3. Another kind of dog: Pitbull, bringing his electrifying Latin rap and dance moves to SunFest last year. Knowing how hot it gets out there, the Miami music man looks absolutely cool (and in black, too!):
  4. I'm not sure there's one original member of Foreigner in this lineup. Today's oldies acts are like tribute bands. But it's interesting to look at how people in the audience interact during a SunFest show.
  5. Foreigner at Sunfest 2012 in West Palm Beach
  6. One of the better homemade videos I've seen from SunFest on YouTube, and it captures Joan Jett in all her kickass glory:
  7. Joan Jett- I Love Rock n Roll- Sunfest May 5, 2012
  8. And now your moment of SunFest Zen:
  9. Sunfest 2012 Hula Hoop Chick
  10. Back a couple years, as Rivers Cuomo and his band Weezer takes SunFest 2010 on a trip to Beverly Hills:
  11. Weezer "Beverly Hills" at Sunfest 2010
  12. 2011 SunFest: British guitar god Jeff Beck tells the SunFest crowd that he can't play "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" because of the noise from the other stages. Instead, he rips into Hendrix's "Little Wing." Fair trade:
  13. Jeff Beck - May 1, 2011 Sunfest
  14. Remember David Cook, the "American Idol" guy? He rocks an old Van Halen classic, then decides to do "rock star pose #212" and climbs a scaffolding. It turns into Cook's Spinal Tap moment, but he owns it:
  15. David Cook at Sunfest - Hot For Teacher
  16. And now a quick commercial break, from SunFest 2008:
  17. SUNFEST TV Promo - 2008
  18. A true jazz fusion legend -- Herbie Hancock at Sunfest last year. Cool Lesson No. 1: It doesn't matter what you're playing as long as you're doing it on a guitar shaped keyboard:
  19. Herbie Hancock / SunFest 2012
  20. Old-school soul: Earth Wind and Fire perform "Sing A Song" and "Shining Star."
  21. Earth, Wind + Fire - Sing a Song + Shining Star - Sunfest 2011
  22. And a moment that's gone down in SunFest history: 2008. Eric Clapton joining Sheryl Crow and burning down the house on this guitar solo to Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground":
  23. Eric Clapton joins Sheryl Crow @ Sunfest 2008 West Palm Beach Fl
  24. And you can't leave SunFest without checking out the fireworks: