Gatsby Gatsby hey!*

All the movie talk this week is about "The Great Gatsby," Baz Luhrmann's remake of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. It opens Friday.


  1. So, if everybody on Twitter who swears they simply CANNOT WAIT for 'Gatsby' to be released actually goes to see it, this movie should make more money than Jay Gatsby did as a bootlegger:
  2. OK, you get the idea. But I wonder how many people will be going because it's easier than actually reading the book:
  3. Of course, this is what the Internet was created for: 
  4. Or if that's too long (SPOILER ALERT!):
  5. Naturally, this has led to the inevitable 'Gatsby' backlash:
  6. A writer for New York magazine opines: "I find Gatsby aesthetically overrated, psychologically vacant, and morally complacent; I think we kid ourselves about the lessons it contains." Her "minority report": 
  7. Still, it's great to see all this attention paid to a genuine work of American literature. And it's interesting how people are using social media to discuss it. @hipstermermaid takes Gatsby into the online age:
  8. The classic blue book cover has been reimagined by design fans:
  9. Of course, there's a word cloud: