Twitterview With Thriller Author Toby Neal

On January 4th, Maui Thriller Author, Toby Neal, was game enough to field questions via Twitter with Hawaii Content Marketing via #HICM. The full session is Storified at HICM. What follows is my edited version.


  1. Please feel free to sign in with Twitter. You can still retweet, favor, and make all your favorite Twitter moves.
  2. Not only did Toby Neal help us at HICM launch our weekly Friday Noontime author Twitterviews, but she got some incredible press that day in the #MauiNews!
  3. One of the reasons we at HICM chose the Friday Noon time was that authors frequently offer free book deals for the weekend and announce them around 5p EST which turns out to be kaukau time in Hawaii.