Steve Evans

Father of 8, Life Observer, Laker/Dodger fan Yup, sometimes I say stuff.

Dr Ken McGill

Counselor and author of Cultivating Love book series. My passion is helping people heal by integrating theological, psychological and addiction tools.

Denzel Randle

Lions dont lose sleep over the opinion of sheep

Karl Foster CANDIO

Alleluia FM Director, Ex Editor-in-Chief for TICKET Magazine. I'm left on the Pic, Tye Tribbet insisted that we had this pic together :)


IceBerg Slim ✭

RIP @Anaadaqueenx3; Nigerian. Pre-Med, Singer, 11/8, I ❤❤❤ music. Die Hard ✭@DallasCowboys✭, @Lakers, Champion @Duke_MBB, @NDFootball, @Mets, @Arsenal fan.


Full-Time, Digital Hollywood Realtor , Social Media Marketer , Health Food Devotee, Supporter Of Revitalized Hollywood .


Ne Varietur my 4 lear jet engine , tow advanced super lear jet engnes on each side , Prot D Des & Origi. fix id Fix Planogr.Copyri


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Every Single Auction

Upcoming auctions from hundreds of companies. Tweets by @BigBeltBuckle. Follow @AuctionMethod for enterprise auction management solutions.

Antwan V. Staley

NFL/College Reporter for @AthlonSports & @PlayerInsiders. @EastCarolina & @NewhouseSU alum and member of @PFWAwriters

Susan Gumlock

For each new morning with its light, For the rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Extremely quiet. Intensively guarded. I watch entirely too much t.v.

Nomad Media

Experienced traveller, who has been on a number of adventures and travelled through over 80+ countries. View our travel book


100% American. Independent Conservative, Christian, Pro-Israel, Animal lover, Sarcasm, Sports fan, #SOT - NRA Life °lllllll° WackoBird MOΛΩN ΛABE