Holshouser Legislators Retreat 2015

From the Hunt Institute website: 2015 Governor Jim Holshouser Legislators Retreat "Event attendance is by invitation only. If you have an invitation code, please enter it in the form to the right to view more information about this event." Many NC legislators attended. Was yours there? Ask them.


  1. WFDD.org is the only outlet I found reporting on this event as of the publishing of this Storify article. Their article: NC Lawmakers 'Retreat' To Discuss Education Issues

    This excerpt from WFDD highlights what appears to be the theme of the HLR 2015:

    "Representative Rodney Moore, a Democrat representing District 99 in Charlotte, says lawmakers need to invest in students today to prepare for tomorrow’s job market."
  2. The Hunt Institute is one of the biggest proponents of Common Core in North Carolina. The Hunt Institute is well-funded. One of their bigger contributors is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Together with the Chamber of Commerce and big businesses in North Carolina, The Hunt Institute has driven a narrative that our children's education is about creating a steady stream of workforce participants. They have gone as far as to characterize our children at "human capital".

    See the tweet below.
    Not only do they call our children human capital, but those tweeting at The Hunt Institute used the wrong spelling. Also, "life bud"?

    Cheryl Oldham is from the US Chamber of Commerce and is the "Vice President of Education and Workforce".
  3. Parents believe our children are children, not human capital and that our children's education is just that EDUCATION.

    Business having a seat at the table to discuss education is not the problem. They should have a seat and be engaged. Having said that, business increasingly owns all the seats .. AND the table itself. Citizens are effectively being shut out byt the blitz of money and influence flowing into 'public' education.

    This event, going by the tweets, had the theme of Common Core -- business driving education to meet their needs instead of the needs of a true education for our children.

    These are some of the tweets from #HLR2015 as held by the Hunt Institute below.
  4. Read the Bio of Michael Horn of the "Christensen Institute".
  5. I am awaiting a reply on the claim in this tweet: