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#GamerGate may be a victim of a false flag operation

We do know that at least a portion of the "harassment" had been manufactured to taint the movement.


  1. So, twitter user @EffNOVideoGames has been passing this around as proof that #GamerGate is all about harassment. [Link] This has been passed around a lot by opponents of #GamerGate wanting to show the world that it is an oppressive movement whose method is steeped in the harassment of women in the industry.
  2. Is this true? Well, yes and no. While the fact those posts have been made is indisputable, there has been evidence that I have come across that may have shown that, at least, a majority of #gamergate has been working against harassment that have been done to its members or incited from within the movement, as well as harassment targeted at #GamerGate itself.
  3. Twitter user @_Icze4r has been spearheading the movement to report and squash any sign of doxxing and threats being fired at both the opponents of #GamerGate and at #GamerGate itself.
  4. It is also soon made clear to me that she is not the only person who are trying to root out harassment and report them so that any potentially harmful private information will be nuked ASAP. On 8Chan, there has been a doxxing attack, where a few anonymous users have taken to posting as much personally-identifying information as possible with malicious intent.
  5. The information had been up for hours because, at the time, mods had been asleep and thus are unable to get to them soon enough. Taking the initiative, several #GamerGate supporters on the board decided that the best way to deal with it, is to do so immediately, and to spam-flood the doxxing info off the board. This was a concerted effort that took a lot of people to accomplish.
  6. The fact that this had been successful has shown that there are more #GamerGate supporters that are actively against harassment than those that support harassment.
  7. So who is responsible for inciting harassment and spreading personally-identifiable information? From what I have seen, evidence seems to suggest that a good portion of it has been the result of a false-flagging attempt by #GamerGate's opponents in order to tarnish and drag its credibility through the mud.
  8. Further evidence seems to point to the SomethingAwful community being behind some of the false-flagging operations. The "Goon-started drama" appears to refer to the recent slew of death threats that have been sent at Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency.