College Graduation.

A true turning point in life.


  1. Back then...
  2. Helen Keller 1904 Graduates from Radcliffe College
    Helen Keller 1904 Graduates from Radcliffe College
  3. and even now, graduating from a college or university is a life accomplishment. It is the start of the rest of your life. 
  4. College Humor always has a good spin on the trials and tribulations of college and graduation is no exception. Check out this video that every parent hopes to avoid:
  5. Some people are kind of blase about the whole thing.
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  7. Others can barely contain their excitement.
  8. Some are even so pumped they want to world to feel it too via their bedazzling skills. 
  9. It's easy to think of a typical college graduate as a twenty-something with no real world experience, but students of all ages are proud of their degrees.
  10. Let's not forget the cake. It's not a true celebration without one. :)
  11. Of course, everyone has their very own way of celebrating. 
  12. Shannon says it best however:
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