Final Portfolio ILT 5340

A glimpse of the adventures with digital storytelling!


  1. DS106 Assignments

  2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

  3. For the "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" video I tried to really take in my storytelling theme which was, "Through the Eyes of a Toddler". The assignment a music mash where you combine two different songs into one. I didn't follow the exact project assignments because I realized that in order to make the assignment fit my storytelling theme I had to approach the project the way my daughter would want it to be approached. At first I was going to mix the original "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" song with my daughters version of it but then I realized it would make her version possibly not sound as good to her. So instead I decided to mash audio to create a video that enhanced her singing the song.
  4. Another DS106 assignment that I really enjoyed was creating a video titled, 3 Years in 3 Minutes. The assignment was to combine videos to make one video. I decided to take it a step further and combine videos of my daughter through the last three years into just one video. I think approaching the project that way made me stay true to my theme even more because my daughter loves to see videos of herself as a baby and I felt that this video helped her grasp the transition of her as a baby until now a bit better.
  5. This DS106 project is one of my favorites eben though it is only a photograph. My daughter is a bit obsessed with superheroes so putting her shoulder to shoulder with some of her favorite heroes seemed like the obvious choice.
  6. My final DS106 project is a perfect example of what I learned over the course of the session grouped into one video. In the video, I mashed up home made videos, video clips from famous movies, home pictures, pictures from movies, title pages, audio from both original and famous sources and credits all into just one video. The process took so much longer than I ever anticipated but also was well worth the fuss given the final product.
  7. Digital Story Critiques:

  8. One of the most valuable aspects of digital storytelling is all of the additional pieces you can add to a video rather than explaining things soley using word of mouth. This particular digital story had one major flaw however that was really hard for me to overlook and that was that some of the signs taught in the video were not correct. While working on my bacheloer's degree I took several ASL classes and I know with certainty that not all of the signs were correct. That being said, there is a chance that the signs were adapted to try to accomodate the limited motor skills of babies and toddlers but if so it should have been addressed and explained in the video.
  9. This digital story utilized more layers into the story which was very useful but this story had a major flaw as well and that was that the audio in some parts was very poor due to the wind in the background. I kept this in mind when I created my final DS106 project because I was also filming outside in the wind. To help make sure that my video would not be affected by the wind I chose to mute the video and lay different audio over it instead.
  10. This digital story accomplished the goals it set out to achieve as far as explaing potty training but there definitely could have been more editing done of video that was just not needed. When filming my own projects I made sure to clip out any areas of the film that weren't imparitive in an effort to keep the viewers attention throughout my entire film.
  11. The Seasons Song video is probably the most well done video I critiqued during the entire semester. When creating my own projects I tried to think about what made this video so successful and how I could take that with me and apply it to my own projects. One aspect of the video I found truly successful for example was the catchy song that played to help remember the seasons. While my projects did not include a catchy song I did take away the importance of having audio that captivates the audience and tried to incorporate that in my videos with intense background music.
  12. Three Weekly Reading Responses:

  13. In most courses that I have taken in the past, when there is a reflection of a reading it has always been a direct reflection on what the assignment itself was. During this session our reading reflections were different in that after reading the assigned chapter or article we then had to find another document or video that went along with the reading somehow and encouraged further learning. I found this to be a very affective method personally because it encouraged me to think more deeply about the original assigned reading. As far as relating the readings to my storytelling theme 'Through the Eyes of a Toddler' I found it to be a bit difficult at times because my focus is basically a three year old and how does that apply to her? However, after thinking about it further I realized that it has everything to do with her because the future of eLearning is also the future of her learning. Thinking about this really made me ask more questions about where the future of eLearning is really headed and the impact that will have on my daughter.