Interface Challenge Awards Show 2015 #interfacesummit

It was a pleasure to take part in the excellent awards show and party, whilst at the Interface Summit 2015. The event took place on the 29th of September, in Vancouver, Canada. It was a great, inspiring evening. See for yourself.


  1. The place was stunning, very atmospheric...
  2. Before we proceed, I introduce Kris Krug, to whom we owe these beautiful pictures! (N.B. except pictures embedded in tweets). It was such a pleasure to get to know Kris, he is a techartist - fabulous, fun, interesting!
  3. Here is what awaited at the end of the evening. Now let's see what really happened.
  4. Michael Bidu is the Co-Founder and CEO of Interface Health Society, a not-for-profit organisation based in Vancouver, Canada. I was impressed by his vision and determination to make Interface Health a worldwide community and catalyst for changing healthcare. Many thanks to him and his wonderful team for putting together such an amazing event! Michael kicked off the evening by introducing Interface Challenge concept and vision...
  5. its amazing reach...
  6. its finalists (unfortunately, INSTAHEALTH from Uganda couldn't join, so there were at the end only 9)....
  7. And, of course, Michael introduced the jury...
  8. From left to right: Dave Chase (I am sure he is well known to you if you are a fellow traveller within Digital Health)
  9. Gabe Kalmar (Genome BC)
  10. Chris Langdon (Telus, Canada)