"Grown Ups 2" films in Westford, Tyngsboro

Stars come out in Tyngsboro, Westford

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  1. The filming of "Grown Ups 2" in Westford and Tyngsboro set social media abuzz. Everyone was angling for a look at Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Andy Samberg and Taylor Lautner (while a few young men were angling for a date with Paulina Gretzky).
  2. SOo many cars in parking lot @Flints! Asked why "Because Adam Sandler, Kevin James FILMING movie in Westford, Ma. Weird- they parked in Tyngsboro- close to Westford but still...
  3. holy crap Tyngsboro is important now Growns 2 being filmed by flints corner and westford quoiries
  4. For those of you who didn't know, yes, Adam Sandler was in Tyngsboro today. And as you probably imagined, yes, he is unemployed. And yes, of course he was sad to see the Blue Moon is no longer open.
  5. so i heard adam Sandler is in tyngsboro today filming a movie pretty awesome if its true
  6. Loving how Tyngsborough, Massachusetts residents using social media are buzzing today about Sony Pictures in Town filming Grown Ups. Had a slight uptick on our digital platform! Guess we need to have more celebrities come visit or maybe attend a selectmen meeting or two once in a while. Continue to share and send photos and even like us!