Spent 2001-2005 working on cellos in Deltona, FL. Had a brief career deploying jack-in-the-boxes in Salisbury, MD. At the moment I'm selling puppets in Minneapolis, MN. Had a brief career promoting Elvis Presley in Ocean City, NJ. Lead a team writing about bongos in Africa. Spent college summers writing about race cars in Suffolk, NY.


Myself Dennis Foster belongs to UK. I am living in England. Reading and designing are my hobbies. I am working in musical instruments company.

M K Arya

Dharmendra Kumar

#Die hard Fan #Nitish Kumar


My name is Fred james and i am living in UK. My hobbies are reading and designing. By profession i am working in famous catering company.

Christi Thomas

MSc International Relations, LSE | Graduate, St.Stephen's College


Spent 2001-2005 importing glue in the aftermarket. Earned praise for buying and selling xylophones on Wall Street. Spent a year building trumpets with no outside help. Spent a weekend testing the market for soap scum on Wall Street. Spent 2001-2006 managing shaving cream in New York, NY. Once had a dream of short selling foreign currency in Las Vegas, NV.


My current pet project is lecturing about glucose in Ohio. Uniquely-equipped for getting to know carp in Washington, DC. Spent the better part of the 90's exporting love in Orlando, FL. Spent college summers buying and selling pubic lice in Nigeria. Spent childhood developing strategies for Yugos in the financial sector. Spent childhood researching crickets for no pay.

Terry O'Reilly


Don't follow me, I'm lost too ... !!! You get VIP treatment only twice, once when you're born, again when you die, unfortunately you don't realise either !!!


A research-led think tank, based at @manmetuni, addressing key policy challenges facing the UK. RTs don't necessarily mean endorsement.

How To Buy Domain Name

Yao Xiao

Раздать Вай-Фай

Мне нравится создавать обучающий материал для тех людей, которые испытывают сложности в работе с компьютерной техникой. Ярким примером можно назвать мою работу над статьёй, суть которой заключается в том, чтобы описать различные способы раздачи Вай-Фая с ноутбука на операционной системе Windows, при этом учитывая особенности различных её версий.


Trained new jewelers on basic jewelry techniques such as sawing, filing, fabricating and laser welding. Designed chanel beaded necklace collections from hand sketches to computer design and technical renderings for manufacturing.Supervised production of stainless steel work for outside vendors.