What you'll be talking about tomorrow - A discovery in the outer Solar System

We'll hear about a major discovery in the outer Solar System Wednesday. "This unexpected result raises several unanswered questions and is expected to provoke much debate," an ESO release stated. The findings were under strict embargo until March 26. The ESO tweeted about the announcement March 25.


  1. Here's how it started:
  2. Hmmm. "The discovery is expected to provoke much debate." I don't want to get too excited, but could this be the mysterious Planet X? 
  3. You're right. Let me not get too ahead of myself.
  4. Oh. Now this is interesting:
  5. We like where they're going:
  6. We highly doubt aliens, but that would be a pretty crazy announcement!
  7. Then this made me laugh.
  8. So I did some Googling and stumbled across this headline from six hours ago today: 

    Brazilian researchers discover asteroid with rings.   

    Why was the story taken down? Was the WRAL post real? (If so, I want their connections.) Or is this mysterious page some sort of trickery? 

  9. KBO = Kuiper Belt Object
  10. Tee hee. ;)
  11. I learned about #ESORumors. ha!